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    I've been on the Treo platform for a VERRRRY long time, and on WINOS for much of that time. My current 700wx is having some equipment troubles and VZW doesn't think it can come up with a replacement (or, more likely... they're not interested in trying). I'm stuck with VZW as my only option due to my location.

    I like real keys. I don't think I like the mouse like what's on the Samsung Saga. I like to use a stylus. I want/need Windows OS.

    What do you recommend????
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    Palm Treo Pro or HTC Touch Pro 2
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    I agree. Treo Pro would be a good replacement.
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    You might consider whether it is time to change operating systems....With Palm not supporting Windows Mobile my suspicion (which is based solely on my layman's viewpoint and which I can't substantiate) is that WM is fading away. But with Treo Pro or something similar you can probably stick with it through one more phone if you don't insist on something dazzlingly cutting edge. In a year or two you can see if WM is still viable or have a better idea of which of the alternates would best please you (maybe Blackberry will come out with a quantum leap, the current Pre or Android phone may be really cool and available on VZM, or maybe the FCC will pressure Apple into diversifying carriers with the iPhone if that floats your boat!
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