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    That was pretty cool, didn't realize he was that involved with ipod back in his apple days and using it to change palm.
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    I really like the look of MotoBlur and kinda wish the Pre had a similar all-in-one app for those social networking. I hope that WebOS sees some great strides in the future now that Palm is basically putting all their eggs in one basket(WebOS).

    To be honest, right now WebOS seem severely limited. And I hope we see some big changes soon like OpenGL support to make use of the graphics chip. As well as expanding the SDK more. While it might seem "easier" to develop for WebOS due to the limited SDK it really isn't all that easy at the moment. There's also the outdated build of WebKit the OS is using.

    There's so much that needs work and I'm not trying to put them down. It's a great 1.0 device, but we're just about at 1.2 already and yet to see any new and useful frameworks for developers.
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