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    I was using this phone as a usb drive and I was able to put photos, ringtones and everything just by copy pasting it. Now since I broe into it on dveloper mode and installed some apps, I can't use it like that, if I put it on the laptop usb it says "pease insert **** on E:" and I am unable to see the pics, ringtones that I use on the phone. It even shows the ones that I deleted. I tried to turn off developer mode and it won;t work.

    What can I do to put photos and ringtones again ?
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    Try opening ssh and sudo mount -o remount,ro /

    I have had similar problems, this seemed to fix that issue.

    If that still doesn't work, try restarting the phone via device options or from ssh sudo /sbin/reboot

    Also try restarting your computer.

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