It's Sunday evening, Sept. 20th, on the last day of the cruise. We are on the Inside Passage to Vancouver, and I have digital roaming (through Canada). I set up Worldwide Data before I left, so there shouldn't be any additional charges.

What I've learned so far - while you're out at sea, Sprint doesn't work. Even though the Princess cruise lines insinuate that they will, they won't. If you are close enough to land you can pick up the stray signal (which is why we were able to get service around the glacier bays and here in Canada), but the ship-board cellular service doesn't seem to be CDSM compatible.

In the major ports (obviously not Skagway!) you will be able to get digital service, which is needed for the picture mail, internet, and just about everything but voice. You can't use the App Catalog, unless you pay for the ship's Wifi. (Ridiculous! Who came up with that idea, that you can only use the App Catalog with Wifi - Sprint or Palm?)

MyTether runs slowly, but runs out here in the hinterlands on the digital network. That's the cheapest way to get internet - let your phone be your modem. It's only 1x most of the time, but suitable for what I need. And the reason that I brought my phone is that I still have kids that I want to keep in touch with while I'm gone - call, say prayers at night, that kind of thing. There were only a few days that I was able to do that, but it was a good thing. (I also had a couple of business things that I was able to get done via e-mail, but I didn't spend much time on them. Still, it was nice to have the capability.)

Overall, I miss my "always on" internet, but I have enough self-control that even if I did have it all of the time out here, I wouldn't have used in all of the time! I'm on vacation, so I had a lot of relaxing time. It would just been nice to have access to it a little more! Mainly I used it for uploading pictures to my Facebook.

Thanks for all of you who gave advice and encouraged me - and I hope that this thread helps others to consider what they might want to do.

Basics - MyTether - free, or $10 donation (I did the donation, and it was worth it.)
Sprint International roaming - $3 per phone, and .20 per minute (Voice; data included with plan)
Worldwide data - $40 per month, pro-rated for one week. Otherwise, pay by kbyte

Total cost - don't know yet! I'll let you know when everything gets logged onto my Sprint bill!