View Poll Results: Would you switch to an Iphone on Sprint?

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  • Yes

    71 24.48%
  • No

    191 65.86%
  • Maybe if I had a discount

    28 9.66%
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    I would. I like my pre but the apps are garbage and i don't see that changing anytime soon. That and the music player on the phone even with remix isn't nearly as easy to use and manage music as the ipod, itunes, podcast dedidcated software packaged. I don't hate apple, microsoft, sony. I've owned and liked products from all of them. And i see no point in antiapple, or whatever internet battles. The biggest reason i got a Pre was AT&T is too expensive and a physical keyboard. But now i want decent apps and i could live with a virtual keyboard especially if expensive AT&T service was not a barrier. I like my pre but when i look at gizmodo at the end of the week and they have top iphone apps of the week This Week's 10 Best iPhone Apps - the week in iPhone apps - Gizmodo and it's like, Rockband, video editing, photoshop app, etc, etc i have some envy. They've got good games, and major business entities releasing apps and I don't see near the flood of quality apps into the Palm Catalog. It's mostly homebrew stuff and stuff i would never be interested in. I'll have my pre till my contract ends probably but at this point there are so many issues from the crappy autocorrect dictionary, to the sloppy tag handling of the music player to the constant need to patch my phone and install and uninstall stuff to make it more useable that is annoying. Not to mention the stupid app limit. If it wasn't for homebrew I'd have returned this thing. Thank god for them because they've also made me like the phone more. Palm may be trying hard but i don't see them able to deliver the services that i want in a phone or do them remotely fast enough to satisfy me. And at this moment my next phone is up for grabs but i'm way way leaning in iphone's direction when i either win the lottery or it comes off AT&T.
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    If the Iphone was on the Sprint Network...I would have it i agree with you blackmagic ..
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    I would hop all over the iphone...When does the ATT exclusivity end?
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    Wife has an iPhone, I have an iTouch.. I'm also a Mac user (MBPro and Hackintosh). I prefer my Pre.
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    I'd switch in a heartbeat. What that phone can do while jailbroken is amazing. Unfortunately I don't see Apple coming out with a Sprint version. If they even go CDMA, no doubt it'll be Verizon.
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    I just knee-jerk answered "yes," but I wouldn't switch. Having a Pre, when I use my iPod Touch, I desperately miss the gesture area and card system.

    So no, I'd keep my Pre.
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    I would like to monkey around with the iphone but don't think I'd give up my Pre
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    Absolutely not. Maybe if THEY paid ME $199 to take it. I'd probably still throw the damn thing out a window, though.
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    HAHAHA... Nice!!

    Yea, I'd take an iPhone if they paid me money to throw it out the window. WebOS is the only smartphone OS for me at the moment.
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    no, 2 reasons, 1 I just spent 150 on a phone 20 on a case & 10 on a scfeen protector, oh & 20 on car charger my wife would not let me do that this soon I just got my pre 5 weeks ago, 2 no keyboard! I mean no real keyboard!
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    There's an app I need (Pleco, a super-advanced Chinese-English dictionary). Right now, I'm running the PalmOS version in Classic. Unfortunately, the WebOS SDK is not good enough currently for such an app to be written for the Pre. They're coming out with an iPhone app that's amazing (you can see videos on YouTube). So I'm considering whether to switch to iPhone if it becomes available on Sprint or Verizon, or to buy an iTouch when the new Pleco app comes out. Please, Palm, improve the SDK!!!!!
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    Since my firm paid for my phone and my bill, cost didn't come into my decision to pick the Pre over the iPhone. I just ddn't want to be like everyone else.

    Also, with the exception of one or two apps (Shazam being one), I really didn't see a huge attraction to the "There's an app for that" campaign. Really, I just want a good business phone that support a good ebook reader and maybe one or two of the popcap games, along with some nice media players.

    So far, the Pre communitity has done a great job providing what I need (tho I still long for Agendus) and, I'm pretty sure, what I want eventually.
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