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  1. jaroslawk's Avatar
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    I would not switch for one important reason: any device that forces me to install iTunes on my computer to even start operating is IMMEDIATELY disqualified. I made a mistake of getting myself iPod Nano (1st gen) and had to restore OS twice after iTunes updates. The iPod was freezing on me more frequently than any Windows PC I ever had.
    I liked Apple when it was company that innovated (in the nineties) - since they started the entire 'iCrap' fashion they are worse than Microsoft. To sum up - my trial of iPod was a disaster, apple computers are useless for me (I do serious work, like design of digital circuits, for which there are no Mac apps), why the heck I would want Apple phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    Not anti-Apple at all. I bought an iPhone3G on launch day last summer and loved it for 9 months. But after a while, I started to feel what I'd felt in my few months with the Sidekick in 2006 -- boxed in. Apple makes you use iTunes to sync the thing. It doesn't let you have access to the file system, so you can't save non-image files to the device through Safari. No multi-tasking. No way to change the (by now, VERY stale, IMO) look of the UI. No categorizing of apps. Annoying notification pop-ups.

    I wouldn't leave the Pre for the iPhone (in its current state) even if it was free. It's a wonderful device in a lot of ways, but closing Pandora to answer a text message? Closing an IM session to respond to an email? Please. Get with the times, Apple. Multi-tasking is where it's at.

    BTW, I still have an iPod Touch, and at least once every time I use it, I try to use the non-existent gesture area. The Pre has got me hooked.
    I could not agree with you more. I too have the iTouch and like you I try to use gestures only to remind myself...uhm why isn't it working...oh yeah not the pre. they both have their good points but the pre is communication evolved.
  3. LurkerX's Avatar
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    I moved to Sprint from Verizon just for the Pre. If I wanted and iPhone I would have gone to AT&T. iTunes is a bloated piece of crap I don't want on my computer. I don't want a phone tied into it.
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    dont like apple products.
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    I had an iphone before i got my pre, despite all the money im saving on my phone bill, and have less complaint about the service from sprint, (especially data speed) I would not give up my pre for the iphone.
  6. WAMS's Avatar
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    i know this is f'd up but here goes..... an iphone with rims business ability and pre's multitasking on sprint with my current everthing family plan i have now!!!

    or a blackberry with big multi-touch / captive screen and a new snapdragon processor, and a web browser like the iphone!!!!

    ahhhhhhhhhhh pure bliss
    The Wams
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    Nope, doesn't feel good in the hand like the Pre does, I don't want to stop what I'm doing when I get some text telling me to focus on that instead of the work I'm doing. I don't want to be forced to turn in my phone when battery dies instead of just popping in a new one. I don't want to go back to going back to home screen each time I want to do something else. I'll stay with my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    I'm sorry, but this argument is tired, stale, and ridiculous.

    If I'm shopping for a phone I'm not comparing the Pre with 2 year old iPhones. I'm comparing it to the other phones that are available today. And they pretty much all blow the Pre away in terms of features, customizability, speed, and software availability. Yes, the Pre multitasks. Unfortunately, there isn't much for it to multitask with, so far.

    If I'm buying a SmartPhone today, I need it to support my needs today, not give me the promise of meeting my needs next year, or the year after that. I don't buy a smartphone as a toy, to play with in my spare time. I buy one as a tool, to help manage my life. And right now the Pre falls woefully short in that regard.

    I understand the Palm had little choice but the release the Pre when they did. Waiting much longer would have left them dead, by the side of the road. And I understand that developing a new OS and infrastructure to support it is difficult (more difficult than Palm estimated, it appears) and takes time. But neither of those things is my problem. And neither of those things changes the fact that the Pre simply isn't a very capable smartphone, yet. It's got HUGE potential, but for now that's all it is.
    I'm sorry I have to own you really quickly here. Features? What phones offer more features? Apps yes. Features? No. Customization? The ONLY other phone I know with the amount that the pre comes with is the ****ing android. So your arguments are becoming null already. Speed? My iphone was slower EASILY. I sold my iphone to get the pre and I do NOT regret it. And isnt much for multitasking? I think its awesome and VERY useful. Have you ever owned a pre? Doesnt sound like it. And where does the pre fall short? Unless you're a picky ******* where you HAVE to have these certain apps your argument is completely void. Time to leave precentral.
  9. Shado.F's Avatar
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    Sorry. I'm settling down with WebOS's UI and the way it utilizes Multi-tasking, thank you very much.
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    The Iphone is not really even on my radar, but if Blackberry would get their act together and develop a web browser worth a **** I just might switch back. I still miss my curve sometimes.
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    Wow blackberrys browser must suck. I have never used it but I dont see a problem with the G1s or the iphones it cant be THAT much worse can it?
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    Yes it can.
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    i had the iphone and i think the pre is way better in the way that you can modify it and make it do so many things. its also faster and the multitasking is the ****
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    I personally would stick it out with the Pre. I have nothing against apple, as i bought an itouch 8gb for jogging. the itouch, as many know, is basically the same as the iphone without a few features and connectivity options. The Itouch is a great device, so i would have to guess the iphone is even better. That being said, the biggest things i prefer out my phone is txt, calling, internet, and GPS. The Pre handles all of these things, in my opinion, extremely well. I guess im also kinda biased towards palm. I remember my palm m100 pda, and i loved that thing, i later upgraded to the tungsten C. I have had good experiences with palm products, and that trend continues for me with the pre. Plus its nice to see a little competition between apple and palm. If palm would build their app database, and turn the "palm music manager" into a full fledged itunes-esque manager with amazon music purchasing integrated, they could close the gap on apple quite a bit more.
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    I had One - I like The pre much Better
  16. jewel's Avatar
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    I'm not anti-Apple but I'm sticking with the Pre.
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    Music manager? You can already connect it to your car stereo what else do they need?
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    I meant to type "palm music assistant". the program that ferries your amazon mp3s to itunes. It would be a smart move on palms part to turn this software into its own itunes-like desktop software, which would allow you to purchase amazon mp3s and manage them from your computer as well.
  19. klbjr's Avatar
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    In a second!!! Only thing that has kept me from getting one is the fact that I love Sprint and their plans. God why didn't they beat out AT&T?
  20. Kedar's Avatar
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    I'm anti-apple.
    But I'm not really pro-palm.
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