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    I am a technology coordinator over 200+ PC's. I am an Avid Apple person after being an avid anti Apple person for a very long time. Their OS is unmatched, and the ease of networking and day to day operations, server controls is the best. I get great deals on Dell's and own a few. But I choose to pay full boat for my MacBook Pro and my Mac Pro Desktop. Without a doubt they blow my PC's away in ease of use and fun. Yes PC's are cheaper but hey, I don't drive a Tundra because it's more economical, I like a beefy truck, that is well built and built to last. I choose to drive and pay more for gas with a a F150, why? because I can. PC's may be cheaper but the definitely are not better.

    That being said, I had an iPhone and really didn't like it. I kept it for the cool apps. ATT didn't charge me ETF because I had such a bad experience. Apple offered to take the phone back full refund after 3 months.

    Everyone needs certain functionality and I needed decent notifications and most important, push, immediate email. Not every 15 minutes. I have had push email with Treo's for many years and to hold conversations, it must be push and not interval. Camera was good, and apps were cool. But for someone who needs something that is functional, the iphone is not it. .One push button is counterintuitive. It is a cool device, it's just not a smartphone.
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    I have the iPod Touch and while it has some awesome apps, I just can't imagine trying to chat on AIM or similar and not be able to leave the app and do something else like web browsing or play a game simultaneously like I can on my Pre. So no, I would not switch to the iPhone, and I believe the Pre will slowly but surely catch up to or even pass the iPhone if WebOS can adopt multiple carriers and many more users.
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    I'd give it a shot if I could keep my SERO plan. Otherwise, no way. Won't drop that plan until they make me.
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    Love the PRE but would switch in a heartbeat IF sprint could get apple to put in a removeable battery.
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    We speak of how great Apple's OS is on the desktop/laptop scene, maybe pretty for for real productivity and bang for the buck, the Windows platform outperforms. As for the iPhone, another user mentioned multi-tasking and a physical keyboard. I have spent bunches of days attempting to get use to the screen-based keyboard on my TP2 and frankly, it sucks compared to the real live thing. In addition, not being one who regularly listens to noise, there is no attraction there.

    So, based on the no keyboard and no multi-tasking, there is zero interest or need or desire on my part to do more than the looking I did for 2 minutes. Nothing. Productivity? Not with it.
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    MIKEmsd I agree with you that whole when a company has no competition they dont change....if you think about it HAS THE IPHONE really changed over the 3 yrs?? or 2yrs?? whichever it is!!??

    the only difference is they upgraded the their network to 3g and this newest one is supposedly faster?? with a camcorder?? I cun't believe it didn't have one before!!!

    (for the PRe?)
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    I may have thought about it but there are the following:
    I have owned a Palm for I would guess 8 years + so it would be hard to try another brand.
    Apple has locked out homebrew with their latest update.
    Palm will advance farther since they run open source and encourage outside advancement.
    Since I already have the Pre it is just plain fun to go up against Apple owners
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    I broke my contract with AT&T to get the Palm Pre. That answers the first question. I am a big Palm guy. I love that the OS is based on Linux and is open source. This allows for many customizations that make each Palm device unique. I love tweaking stuff and changing things. I love mult-tasking. Iphone has none of that.
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    Ive had my iphone for 2 years.. got sick of it, and was very happy to pay my ETF and switch to Sprint and the Pre!! Apple needs to innovate more, they are acting like MSFT and IE6 after they released the iPhone.. :-p

    I welcome the competition and look forward to what Palm and Sprint have to offer.. although I do wish I was back on GSM networks..
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    i think alot of people would switch to sprint, think of how much money they would save, but i would still not get an iphone, no multi task, no real keyboard, no thanks!
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    No. I love my Pre and I love that it is NOT an iPhone.

    I don't care for Apple's marketing and how all their products "are cool". I don't need cool, a 1-button mouse, or a subscription to the Church or Steve Jobs.

    Functionality wise, I think the Pre is better "out of the gate" and has more promise as a functional communications tool, rather than a "cool toy".
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    I wouldn't buy an iPhone simply for the fact it doesnt have a keyboard. I'm not into touch everything.
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    I never was a big fan of the iphone. I went with the Treo since it had everything I needed. Now that I have the Pre, I don't think there is any phone I could go to, except the N900. The Pre just does multitasking right. I have a few complaints about the Pre, but not a deal breaker.

    So, my answer is no.

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    **** the iphone
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    Quite frankly I wish Sprint did have the iphone. Then we could get rid of all the *****er's and moaner's around here.
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    I would gladly consider an iPhone if the following would happen:

    1. Don't have to use iTunes to use/update/back up the phone
    2. Ability to manage media/pictures/documents on the phone with whichever application I choose on virtually an OS I choose
    3. Intuitive multitasking of ANY application
    4. intuitive and non-disruptive notifications, I want to be able to deal with notifications when I feel like it without stopping whatever I am doing
    5. Very tweakable software (themes, OS tweaks, adding features, etc...)
    6. A physical keyboard would be nice in addition to a software keyboard, they each have their advantages so I want both options
    7. Have an easily removable and replaceable battery, if my battery dies I want to be back up and running with a full battery in five minutes without charging for a few hours.
    8. Excellent turn by turn Navigation software included free of charge
    9. Did I mention not being tied to a bloated piece of software?

    Wait, I think I might have just described the phone sitting right in front of me, whoops!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mastacontrola View Post
    I am an avid anti-apple person, only because I am a technical manager and have had to work with many apple based systems. I like the progress over the past years with their equipement, and was stoked to hear their computer systems now have unix based kernels in them. LC III and the original iMac's where POS's IMHO. But being all that, a computer that is really simple to use doesn't quantify devices that cost so dang much. I understand a computer is not "cheap" but also don't feel that I should by a computer that is simply user friendly needs to cost 1200 dollars or more.
    It's all that R&D that makes that simplicity work. Ask those other providers why their SW/HW are not simply user friendly!
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    I gotta say I would probably stick with the Pre. I love the physical keyboard, the Seidio extended battery, the effortless multitasking, and the great promise it is showing due to the homebrew apps. In 3 months, this phone went from a new kid on the block to a worthy iPhone adversary! If the Pre gets over it's numerous hardware quality issues, I think it stands to have many loyal users.
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    I left AT&T to get the Pre and have no regrets. I have an Itouch for any apps I may be missing, but find myself using it less and less and my Pre does everything I need it to. Love multitasking! Love Homebrew!
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