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    I played this game recently at a friend's phone and found it really fun. I'm trying to see if we can somehow get the app for the Pre. I'm assuming that by emailing the maker, they may develop one for our platform. Not sure if this is the proper way, but it seem to make sense.

    The maker is Backflip Studios

    It seems that they have other games besides Paper Toss...graphic are good and it's a good way to keep you entertained while maybe waiting in line or your next flight. Hope I can get some support on this. It would be great to see more apps available for us
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    im actually working on porting it over for the pre. the games is similar code to the polar bowling game
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    i laughed to myself when i saw that polar game HAHAHA im laughing just thinking about it!

    doesn't come close to paper-toss

    ragdoll blaster is another game from backflip that should be ported to the pre!!!
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    Not going to happen until developers can make use of the GPU and render 3D graphics.

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