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    When I unplug my headphones, the handset wont recognize that they were removed! So when I get a call it still shows the headphone icon and I have to press the speakerphone button to hear it! I cant use the handset at all for calls now!!! Reset does not help. What can I do?
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    This Just happened to me this morning. i just keep plugging and unplugging the headphones and it came back to normal.
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    Hey this happend to me 3 days ago. I posted it in another forum. I took it to a sprint repair center and they fixed it. They told me it was a minor software glitch they see on some phones that palm will no doubt update. To fix it he said he made a phone call and hung up via the end call button. Then he plugged in the headset and made a phone call and hung up again. Then he made another call with the headset plugged in and unplugged the headset while on the call. This somehow made the software realize it was messd up. You may want to try messing around with plugging in the headset and unplugging it while on calls like this. Im sure you can get it to work again. It only took this guy at the sprint store 3mins.
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    I had this happen a few days ago for the second time. It can really be a bear to get back to normal too. I rebooted and that did fix it, so I plugged it back into the speakers and hit the button for handset on the bottom left a buch of times. That fixed it that time.

    Yesterday I used it in my truck with the aux jack. What I started doing is shutting off the music player (Pandora) and putting the phone in standby with the button on the right corner, THEN unplugging from the aux jack. That worked. I think the speakers get confused when you just unplug with music or a call going and it somehow messes up the connection.

    I've also read on other thread about this, that you can return the phone and they will give you a replacement. Sprint knows it's a problem.

    Hope this helps.

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