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    Just a few quick questions that were on my mind...

    Do any of you think that any of the Palm development team members browse forums like PreCentral and check out what people have to say and what's highly in-demand for the phone, or do you think they strictly rely on the 'Feedback' forms that are sent in through their website?

    If not - why would they miss out on such a great opportunity to get the most in-depth and valuable information from the users here on what they would like to see and most definitely need the phone to do? You would think that there would be a few guys in charge of the entire development team who's sole purpose was to find out what the customer wants from various online forums, etc. PreCentral seems to be THE hub for advanced and beginner Pre owners who share a TON of information and suggestions on what they want and need in their phones; wouldn't it behoove Palm to browse this forum, per se, and actually get an exact idea of where the updates need to be?

    In no way am I complaining about the phone, so I don't think I should see any posts warning me to duck for the hate replies. I'm just curious, 'tis all...
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    I think the problem is that each person has their own list of "must haves" so how do you determine which ones are most important? I'm sure they scope Precentral out all the time, but they have to decide which features are important enough to add now vs. what can wait. They also have something else that we dont on their minds, how easy is it to implement and whats the WOW factor for someone thinking of buying the phone.
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