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    My wife's 700wx is acting up and it's time for something new, finally.
    Here's the thing: she's gone back to this phone twice after upgrades cause she knows how to use it and where everything is.

    So the way I see it there's the 800w or the Treo Pro.

    I have crigslist leads on both, the Pro being 50 more.

    Need suggestions on which to buy.
    The Pro is still an "active" phone and is much more modern looking.
    I've seen a number of posts though that say the 800w is a better phone.
    Battery life has to be good, although she's not a "power user" she's a "power talker".

    Thanks for all replies.
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    Learning curve - not really a factor.

    Build quality - the Treo Pro. I went through 3 800W devices before calling in quits and from there I went with the Touch Pro.
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    Definitely go with the pro, i have an 800w i upgraded to the pre, it was cool when i got it when it was first released, but then i realized how much i despise windows mobile lol... i had to take my battery out to restart the phone at least 5 times a week...

    Oh and my battery life is better on my pre than it was on my 800w, speaking of which, i'll sell it for $100 obo if anyone wants it lol. Still in good condition and comes with a 4gig card ;x
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    The Pre is better than the 800w?! Not good.
    She charged nightly but can get by for almost two if she forgets somehow.
    I read reviews that sounded like the Pro would be a little better the but some Google searching found a lot of unhappy people with "dead" 800w batteries.
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    The one reason I kept from upgrading my 800w to a Pro was the USB host function of the 800w - with the right cable, I could read USB devices like thumb drives and even USB hard drives that were externally powered.

    Battery life on my 800w was comparable to my Pre, but battery changes were a bit easier on the 800w (faster bootup). I did have my 800w auto reboot every night, and that usually helped.
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    I would also recommend going with the Pro. I had an 800w and it seemed like it had some problems that no one could explain. Plus, the Pro seems better out of the box than the 800w. I had almost everything I wanted on my 800w and numerous tweaks and customizations. Unless she or you plans on tweaking the 800w I would be hesitant to pick that phone.

    Plus, the Pro can still be supported by Palm or whatever carrier you have. I don't even think the 800w exists anymore with any company. I am pretty sure I read that somewhere. One last thing that I hate bringing up on these forums, but the Pro does actually have stand alone gps where the 800w does not. However, like someone else mentioned, the 800w does have more USB support for additional items.

    On a side note, I got the Pre the first day it launched. I am extremely happy with it now. It was a little rocky at first and still is somewhat but overall I am satisfied. When I switched to the Pre I ended up giving my 800w to my little sister but was very hesitant about it. She has only had two issues come up that I had to fix for her but my Mom has the Pro and basically has had no issues. The latest issue for the 800w was that outgoing texts stopped working. It was fixable but a normal user like my sister how no idea where to start. Just some thoughts to help you decide.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I have noticed that my Pre does have better battery life than my 800w did.
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    Well guys. Thanks for the replies.
    Looks like I'll be going with the 800w though ): Unless a Pro pops up on craigslist over night.

    The treo guys are now playing hardball. One that I had down to $175 even went up to $250 WTH?

    Last week my wife said something about it's not meant to be last week to find something different.
    I'm not into "that" but it can't be THAT hard to find Treo Pro.
    In the last 3 weeks I've looked at 5 and they've all not had clean ESNs or even have been active on peoples accounts. Who sells an active phone?!

    I may just take her phone to Sprint and try again, this was a refurb that never worked right since she got it from Sprint *sigh.

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