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    I just got a replacement Pre because my old one, that I got the day it came out, was having issues with the headphone jack.

    I did notice that my first Pre seemed to be a little bit slower than it was when I first got it. Also, the "Too Many Cards" error was popping up more often (about once or twice a week) even when i had only 3 cards open. I can even think of a time where I had no cards open and the error popped up. This required a reset and then it would be fine, but I remember when I first got the phone, I could easily have 7 cards open with no problem.

    Now that I have a new Pre I can see again how much faster the phone was in the beginning. Anyone know why this happened or is having this happen to their Pre?

    My first Pre had 6 GBs used with music and a few videos. It was full of apps thanks to homebrew which included Switcharoo, DrPodder, and quick contacts just to name a few.

    My new Pre has only 5 GBs of music right now.

    *Could a moderator please move this to the Palm Pre forum under Palm Pre Device and Accessories
    It actually only pertains to the Pre and not just Palm. Thank you
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    And what we have in common is a lot of homebrew apps (and if you did that, probably some mods to pre-existing apps, too). I've been thinking about this problem, and there are two possibilities that I can think of -- memory leaks in homebrew apps, or memory leaks in pre-existing apps once modded (which could be the reason Palm didn't incorporate these mods in the first place (like landscape email). There could certainly be other reasons, but that's what I've come up with so far...

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