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    Hello all!

    Newbie Pre owner checking in!

    I just got my new Palm Pre today and I am VERY excited about the potential of my new smartphone!

    I've been reading the forums the last couple of days and I am getting information overload!

    Is there any good place where I should start?

    Any advice from the veterans and pros would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    Hey Ripcode, and welcome!

    I wouldn't call myself a pro (by any stretch of that word), but what I'd recommend, just based on my own trial and error, is after playing around with the phone for a day or so to get a feel for all it can do, as is, would be:

    1. Download WebOSQuickInstall, follow the directions on the opening post, and get it set up on your computer.

    WOQI is for your desk/laptop and will allow you to download homebrew apps, their updates and to modify your pre (like the dialer background, boot screens, etc). Jason has done a really fabulous job with the program.

    2. Use WOQI to download Preware onto your actual Pre. Again, follow the directions on the opening post. This program will allow you to install homebrew apps (and their updates) and patches directly from your phone, so you don't always have to be chained to your computer.

    Between the two of these, and all the amazing developers that post and share their work on this forum, there are so many additions you can make to your phone and customize it exactly how you want it.

    I hope you enjoy your Pre as much as I've enjoyed mine over the last 2+ months!
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    I would recommend using a an windows xp 32 bit...

    (i used 7 64 bit, and it didn't work well, i think vista is aight to, i dunno exactly, but it worked great on my crappy xp laptop, but not on my windows 7 64bit computer... can someone confirm...
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    Ringtones, Homebrew, Battery Life, Backup, Synching, and 320 other tips are below...

    - Craig
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    filecoaster should be your first homebrew install, it is a homebrew app catalog that has many homemade apps from talented people. if you want to dish out a little cash AHS is a good app that has tons of potential
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    Thank you all for the advice!

    I am off to do research!
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    Indeed, thanks for the advice.

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