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    I have a bad feeling that Handspring has stopped innovating more Visors and that what ever we have now, will be it. Since they need more money to advertise and promote the Treo, there is no way they will be using that money for the so call "Prism II." I believe they are doing the best thing for their company, but not for Visor consumers. TreoLand is about to open its doors to consumers and Handspring is so happy about it that it makes no sense to also care for VisorLand.

    Visors are not dead yet, but they are in their last stage of life where everything still looks great and prices keep getting better and better. However, Sony keeps innovating so fast that Handspring developers can't cach up with them. As you see Handspring cannot handle two lands at the same time.

    I'm pretty sure that Mr. Hawkins feels that he can make his wireless dream come true. Probably he will for a while, but them other companies with more cash will produce more and more new devices that Handspring again won't be able to catch up with them.

    I believe Handspring should not abandon earlier projects like the Visor in order to improve credibility in their company. Otherwise, consumers will not have a good feeling of been in the right place.

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    I don't think the Visor line will ever die as long as there's a market for them ... Hawkins knows this. He's shifted his focus momentarily to get the Treo out, I think once it's there he'll go back to working on the next Visor ... after all, not everyone wants a Treo.
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    I have a Visor Prism with a SB3000 (Sprint Digital Link) and I luv it all but the size. Now a color Treo with graffiti is in the works but it is missing two things that will make me buy it.

    1.) It needs to be CDMA not GSM I live in a part of the USA that has no GSM service.

    2.) Some type of memory slot. SD, Smart Media, Compaq Flash whatever.

    3.) Flash ROM (Not needed for me to buy it but really want it!)

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    In a perfect TreoLand Handspring would also have larger versions of the Treo that included a springboard slot!
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    I don't know if you guys have realized that the Treo is not a Visor, it is just a different Handspring line of products. The confusion starts when Handspring decides to abandon the Visor and promote the Treo as if it were a replacement for the Visor with a Visorphone. It looks like simplicity is very much clear in Hawkin's head and the use of springboards and portable keyboards make things too complex for one hand, and bulky for busy people.

    Like Handspring says, the best 3 things into one device. At this point a new color Visor would kill a Treo and its rainbow. And by the time people start demanding color from Handspring the color Treo will be out. At this point a new color Visor will be too much competition for a color Treo. Of course, it will be cheaper and that would probably kill the Treo.

    Then, I see more Treo like devices coming out, and by the year 2005 when wireless will be faster than a 56k modem and the service as low as $20 a month, there will be no sense in getting a non-wireless device.

    Right now, wireless doesn't make much sense for the middle class consumer. The cost of the service is too high and the quality of service you get doesn't justify it.

    However, If I were a rich boy, I would get whatever comes out that looks innovating.

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    Maybe I am off base here, but I think that the Treo is a NEW line of product that Handspring is releasing. Not a replacement for the Visor, not an upgrade to the Visor, but a new product line.

    Just because Sony releases a 8MM Camcorder does not mean that they are discontinuing the Clie. Lots of Companies put out more than one type of product. That is how Handspring will survice. Opening up new markets.

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    Originally posted by TDS_Computer
    Maybe I am off base here, but I think that the Treo is a NEW line of product that Handspring is releasing. Not a replacement for the Visor, not an upgrade to the Visor, but a new product line.
    Exactly! I remember when Sharp started most of the ball running with their pocket calendar/phonebook stuff - going ALL the way up to 512k or so. Nothing was flashable. You used what they offered because it was an innovative and useful idea. I have several modules I use with my Prism on a daily basis and am very satisfied with them as of now. As my needs change and technology advances, I'll update as desired. As long as what I have now is functional enough for me, I'll stay with it. I remember paying $4000 for my first 386/20. Had to pay $500 to increase RAM from 1meg to 4. Folks thought I was crazy for doing it. I ran a multiline DOS/DesqView based BBS (can you spell BBS, kids?) for years and was happy with its performance. I fought the GUI advance until it became the only choice. I adapted and moved on. That's the way of life. Availability of technology determines our needs as much as our needs determine the advance of technology. It's most definitely a chicken/egg situation.

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    Hey guys, Didn't I say this was going to happen?

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    The bottom line is that HandSpring must start making money.
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    If Handspring doesn't start making money then it is going to go broke just like some of the Springboard Manufacturers (such as geoDiscovery).

    Originally posted by wshwe
    The bottom line is that HandSpring must start making money.

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