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    I found this thread on a different site:

    "FYI...I just got off the phone with a Visor rep and she confirmed that the Treo battery is like all other batteries in other visor handhelds. It is not user friendly as far as replacement. Simple Battery replacement is treated as a repair and will cost you $125.00 to replace if out of warranty."

    What the heck?! Can nothing be simple task? So now a $399 pda/cell has a $125 battery?
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    Isn't the battery internal rechargeable Lithium Ion? Why would you want to replace that?
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    I was wondering about the battery. So it won't have a removable one like a standard cell phone? I'd really like to have an extra to take with me, lest I talk too long and my handheld decides to hard reset before I get back to a cradle.

    I'm drooling over the Treo, but the lack of any kind of memory expansion also bothers me a lot. I don't need Springboards, but I'd be really leary of a device with no external backup; I've had one too may hard crashes in inconvenient places (like Cuzco, Peru). It'd be even worse on a Treo, since it'd also affect my phone. The availability of a backup module was the single most important reason I switched from a Palm to a Visor.
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    Well ... here's a dumb question then ... what the life expectancy of the battery then? It sounds to me that the battery is "hard-wired" into the unit. Granted the Treo is a beautifully designed product, you'd think they would've put in a more "user-friendly" battery?

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