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    Since day one of buying the Pre about 5 weeks ago it seems to be a pain for the pre to connect to the internet.

    Any app that uses data i usually have to close a couple times after it times out trying to connect to sprint's 3g network.

    The way i usually connect is pull up google maps app a few times to get the phone to connect then when the 3g icon finally lights up and loads the map i quick switch over to web OS and then i have no problem.

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF U HAVE THE SAME PROB even just a short reply YAY OR NAY.....

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    Nope, I don't have that issue. Have you tried contacting Sprint?
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    nay. Internet is quick and snappy. It needs to be in the sea of iphones i work in....
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    I usually connect but my google map is usually off by a bit. Takes a while to correct itself.
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    I've had my pre replaced twice for other reasons and sprint seems to be pretty good about that. You should try your luck.
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    got it replaced it was defective i guess good thing i asked cause last time i went to sprint some ***** didnt even want to look at it he just said its a new product and there will be updates to fix glitches... anyways thanks feedback

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