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    I just won a Trivia contest at a baseball game using my Pre - they read the trivia question ("Who are the only two players to have hit for the cycle AND have an unassisted triple play?"), and so I whipped out my Pre and did a web search - no problem! I was only one of two people who knew the answer!

    Is this cheating? Thanks, Pre!
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    I wouldn't say so.. Of all the sources in the world to use, everyone else had the exact same capabilities of looking up the answer. Congrats!
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    Trivia of the "Who Can Look It Up The Fastest" variety...sounds more like a race than trivia. I smell a cheater! But the Pre is AWESOME!!

    I show coworkers youtube videos of movie trailers, music videos, etc. I pull up facts (or so they claim) on wikipedia, and check the radar for the latest in storm activity!
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    I think that it means that you have the best 3g network.... That's why you won.. Sorry att

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