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    Ha!! Some dumb a s s on craigslist in mn is selling homebrew apps. His add says for $15 he will download a program on your pre so you can download over 100 "homebrew" apps....he does say hes not selling the apps, just the service to guessing file coaster!!!!

    I mean come on you really have to stoop this low to get money from people??? Im going to place a craigslist add with the precentral website so people can do it for free!!!!!

    Heres the posting # if you wanna see 1319761751. minneapolis / st.paul
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    Some people amaze me.
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    He's probably 13 and short on budget for a 3 inch condom.
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    Haha fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shado.F View Post
    He's probably 13 and short on budget for a 3 inch condom.
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    Hahaha. People will do anything on Craigslist to gain that extra buck. Whoever falls for it, though, I feel sorry for them..
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    You know, this actually makes sense. There's tons of people who are too intimidated by the SDK to install FileCoaster themselves. Just like there are many people who are too intimidated by rooting their Pre or Jailbreaking their iPhone. My wife for example really didn't wanna do this stuff herself. She wanted me to do it even though I know she'd do just fine trying it herself.

    So... this guy offers to do it FOR those people for a small fee. I suppose they can come to him with their Pre and then he'll install FileCoaster through the SDK?

    It means he's providing a service to those who need it.
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    yeah, prices my be a little high but i dont see anything wrong with it?
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