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    Okay sorry for the sarcasm.

    So here's what we have in the past couple weeks.

    Missing Sync for Windows Pre-Release Available:
    Yet it doesn't work with vista.. lmao.

    Palm Opening up E-Commerce Beta for App Catalog - for-pay Apps in September:
    Good news. Thank god.

    Palm Investor Roger McNamee to Open for Metallica:
    Running short on news are we? We resort to this?

    Pixie/Eos "delayed" to 2010?:
    Ah crap... Not so good news? If they can't keep on track with the Eos, then we gotta be reminded that the same may be for the Pre. Although, you could look at it the other way, maybe they are too busy with the pre, that they could be delaying the Eos do to that.

    Analysts get antsy, start making calls on Pre success:
    S.O.B!! Not another one! Argh, More analyst news huh? But it seems to be getting worse and worse as Palms stock goes from Buy, Hold, SELL!!!. The stock is taking a decent hit, but most of us know that the stock market is very unstable right now.

    Palm Helping WebOS Game Development:
    Okay sounds good at first.. .but then you read into it. This does no more then what has already been done! All this basically says is "We added a Gamers Cafe to our forum". It doesn't give us OpenGL or Low level access. Nothing on 3D Games, just basic gaming!

    Okay enough of this.. Palm wtf are you doing? Trying to run your company into the ground? The news coming out of here is insane! Its like watching paint dry.

    Am I the only one bored?
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    They're a relatively small company compared to their competitors. I'd imagine they're focused on software development at the moment

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