So as a launch day adopter of the Pre, I have grown to really enjoy Google's calendar and its OTA syncs.

I'd like to find a way to setup a syncing Google calendar on my girl friend's Palm Centro as well as my pre (as I can add another google calendar to my Pre in jiffy).

So I have created a new Gmail Account and I've read over the directions on how to install GooSync for the Centro but the free version only allows -7 days and + 30 days for her Palm Centro (and the paid version is $40, way to much).

My question is: For those of you coming form a Palm Centro, what did you use to sync a Google calendar with PalmOS?

Would you recommend GooSync, or is their an option thats better that I was unable to find via Google search for the last few hours?

Edit: GooSync seems to be the most popular option but most websites are dated 07' that speak of it.