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    has anyone had problems with charging the pre lately with their wall charger?
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    Nope. What kind of problems? The only thing that bothers me is that when I open the USB door the screen does that ripple-thing when you push on an lcd screen.
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    I have a possible problem with my Pre also. I plugged my phone into the charger last night just like I usually do. When I woke up at 5am to see what time it was, I noticed that the phone was at 25% battery life and I plugged it in around 10PM. I was confused because I was still half asleep. The little lightning bolt was over the battery symbol, so there was power going to the unit. I decided to restart the Pre and switch outlets and sure enough, the phone fully charged in an hour like it usually does, by the time I got up for work.

    Hope this isn't a sign of worse to come? Did you guy's Pre's do this at all?
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    I have had the same problem using the house and car charger. I would plug in the phone into the charger and it would not start charging. After a few attempts it would start to charge.It is random sometimes it would start rightaway and some times it would take several attempts. I also had the other problem. I would plug it in at night and thought it was charging. the next morning I would find that it was not charged.
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    The only issue I have is that sometimes, if I plug the phone in and IMMEDIATELY switch to something like texting or using the phone or if a call/text happens to come in the second I plug it in, the phone doesn't recognize that the charger is plugged in at all. It's not really that big of an issue.. All I have to do is unplug the charger from the phone and plug it back in..

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