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    We just had a technician show up out of no were at our service center(family owns a few in PA) and he was doing all types of db testing with a 4G device on his netbook. i did a speedtest and it came back 2.4mbps downstream 900 upload. we are going to have a 4G repeater tower on our roof to help serve the surrounding area better. i was totally siked when I heard this! no one here including my brother(bossman lol) knew of this visit but from what he's saying their doing a full servey now to find out all the area that will receive Repeater tower and our location qualifies as per his db meter. Soooo glad since i use my aircard at work over the crappy verizon lol.

    Edit: this is in Philadelphia PA
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    awww Im in Laredo, Texas and its like the only town they are avoiding no 3G or 4G here =(....... im stilll proud to be a texan though =D
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    they betta get this shiet goin in Cali... and are the pre's 4g capable, keep hearing yes and no...
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    Where do you guys go to keep up with 4G info/News?

    I just found this place:
    4G Info - 4G News, Reviews, Products for XOHM, Clearwire, WiMAX & LTE

    Pretty Cool.

    It also has forums:
    4G Forums - Discuss 4G Wireless Broadband: WiMax, Sprint XOHM, Clearwire, LTE :
    Just call me Berd.
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