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    So I read a while back about the EOS, I think it looks great for those who like the TREO style phones. I was excited to read that they are planning a Q3 release. Well its Q3 and not seeing any new buz about it...

    Palm Eos Coming to Sprint After Pre Launch |
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    There was an article on here or atleast discussed about earlier where palm was holding out on production of the EOS untill more pre results are in or atleast untilll the exclusivity period with sprint is up. Probably staring in December or January we'll see more WebOS devices.
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    I just pray that the next WebOS device has a better keyboard. Slightly bigger keys and more space would be nice, but the biggest thing for me are the keys need to have more travel. Typing on the Pre now, I have to push so hard to get the tactile feedback that I need from a physical keyboard. My hands start cramping up bad. I need a keyboard like the Treo 700w, with chicklet keys that feel like they are being pressed. The Pre's keys are like flush with the surface.
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    i like eos but with better cam.
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    A real downer for me was the lack of wifi. Sprint has great evdo coverage but there are those moments when you need wifi, such as low coverage, roaming areas and even some airlines offer it now.

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