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    All to often my pre stops me from opening up a new card in order to annoyingly inform me that I have too many cards open. This would be understandable if I had like ten cards up, but most the time I about 1 to 3. I then have to swip off cards until I only have 1 more to open another. After reseting my phone the problem is gone...for another two days...does anyone know why this happens or how to stop it from happening? Or does this happen to anyone else?
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    I am having the same exact problem.
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    I have had that prob too but so far only once...I jus closed everything
    And it hasn't done so again....
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    You guys using pre pod?
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    this has happened to me as well (3-4 times now). I have prepod installed but i dont ever use it. Has prepod been causing problems like this?
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    This has happened to me a few times over the past week. I don't run prepod.
    Memory leak?
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    Yeah I have and use pre pod enough to cause a problem if it had a memory leak. Its an awesome program but that needs to be fixed...
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    It is due to a memory leak. Selectively eliminate apps until you find the one that is the cause. Some websites will cause a memory leak as well. I read one person discovered this with a site they frequented. Please do search the forum as you will find this has come up far too often and many of the threads contain the same phrase.

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