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    Jus wonderin if ne one here can help me.
    Is there way to change the msg tone.
    Also have more quest....
    Please help......
    Can someone tell me is it worth keepin are shud I get
    Bb storm instead....
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    Make sure ur phone is not on vibrate on the sounds and ringtones screen pic ur ringtones and while the screen is till on place ur finger on the only button under the main screen and slid ur finger to the left side if you see the button and another small circle on the left light up you will have saved the changed ringtone hope this helps
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    why would u switch to a bb storm???? I heard some horrible horrible things about it...
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    Thanks for tha info....well wanted to switch mainly because
    I'm still new to palm pre and still tryin to figure it out.
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    ok I got that but is there a way to change tha system sounds..
    I kno I sound really stupid but I just don't understand a phone that is
    So good but I can't find out how to change ne options or prefrences..
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    It might be helpful if you spent some time reading the manual. They don't include it with the phone... you have to download it from Sprint's website.

    Otherwise, there's the Help feature on the phone for quick reference.
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    Look in the homebrew section... there is an app there that lets you change some of the settings. Not perfect but a nice improvement.

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