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    How do you turn dev mode off? I heard its not good to leave on? Thanks in advance
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    In a blank screen type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart

    This will launch the dev mode on off option. Choose off and reset your device.

    See this page for more details:
    Tutorials webOS Installing An Ipk - WebOS Internals
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    Yeah, I accidentally left my Developer Mode on after installing FileCoaster and i was dropping service, and sometimes couldn't connect to the Sprint network...

    Its best to just turn it off and leave it off unless you need to download something using WebOSQuickInstall.
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    keri2000 & agsbaseball09,

    Thank you both for giving such quick and good information. Keri, you also gave the link for more information. Thank you. Too many times others won't give a link like you just did. Even though our Forum Guidelines prohibit it, others will instead say "search for it yourself."

    It is the good answers like yours that keep users coming back here for help.

    - Craig
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    And if you haven't already, download the DevMode Launcher app from Homebrew. It saves you having to type out the Kinomi code.
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    FYI Dev mode being on doesn't affect service.

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