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    Having played with a VP on my trip to Berlin last weekend, I've posted some of my impressions of it in the Communications area, with the same title as this.

    I don't know how much the UI of the Treo will differ from the VP, but there are certainly some areas that I'd like to see improved; I've outlined them in the other thread, since it's really more related to VP than Treo.

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    I want to upgrade to a Treo, as I don't use any other expansion modules with my Prism.

    I don't mind the black/white screen, as I dont' do much with my PDA anyhow(just basic stuff).

    I know on the Handspring FAQ they claim they will give a discount for current VisorPhone owners.

    But if you look at the battery life on the Treo, it's just as horrible as the VisorPhone!

    I have a question for you guys, why does the Sprint PCS module have a better battery life than the VisorPhone GSM one? Is it because GSM requires the phone to communicate with the GSM cellsites more often???


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    I purchased the visorphone when it first came out. I have to say that I was very excited and championed it.

    Then i realized it had issues. It was a bit large and clunky, for one, but I didn't mind that at all. It was the software issues that were screwing me over repeatedly. For example. When the battery on the phone was low. It would give you a warning on the screen. If your unit was off, it would turn on. If this happened while it was in your back for hours, it would run the battery out of your palm pilot.

    There were a lot of annoying little things like that that tended to make the device less useful. It tended to crash if you didnt turn the phone off and removed the unit. It was like sticking in a cartridge into a game console or a commodore 64 after you already turned it on. In fact, it tended to crash quite a bit if you had any 3rd party software on it. This really was bad when i was in europe, trying to get to a meeting, getting directions and suddenly, i didnt have the address or the contact number anymore. Bad.

    I loved it when it worked, and the coverage was fine in NY, LA and in europe (where GSM is the norm). I hope they fix these software glitches.

    THe headpiece hole stopped working after a bit too.The phone is no fun when you don't have the earpiece so you can use the palm while you are talking. I had already spent $300 replacing visors, so I was in no hurray to pay again to get the phone unit fixed, so i left it broken.

    THe final insult was when i returned from L.A. to NY a few weeks after i purchased the unit, they dropped the price to nearly nothing! I spent $300 on a unit they were now selling for $99. It cut me deep. Real deep.

    That being said. I am going to get a Treo. I am going to give Handspring one more chance. One more crack at my hard earned cash. I am hoping because it is integrated instead of that crappy slot on the back, it won't have the same issues as the visorphone.

    I hope i am not disappointed because there are a ton of convergence devices that are coming to market, and they might not have the tools that PalmOS based organizers will have access to, but what good are they if they bloody uiit keeps crashing and losing all my data.
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