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    Even though my Treo 755p is now off-line, I'm still kind of attached to it. I've been looking around for something to do with it. (Aside from such uses as "coaster," or "paperweight" &c.) The old Palm OS was pretty dated, but there's still a good chip set in there with on-board Bluetooth and a card reader.

    Does anyone know of any hacker/developers out there modding old handhelds? I think with a new featherweight OS (Android? A custom Linux?) and some custom peripherals, it might make an excellent recording device. Or a preamp for my guitar. Or a micro-CPU for a Foleo-style netbook.

    Any thoughts?
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    Don't know how to do it, but Android on that would be so cool...
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    i don't know. i'm still using a treo 650. changed the housing, battery and removed the antenna. upgraded the software/apps and data plan. added a wireless keyboard and my treo whips every other smartphone, netbook or feature phone for dependebility and robustness.

    BTW, my "old" treo 600 serves as a backup phone and full time dedicated PDA (also with a full keyboard).
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    I bought the GPS/CarCradle/Charger/TomTom navigation from Palm for $55 last winter, and use my Treo as a GPS unit.

    I also have all the old games on it, so I let my son play with it sometimes.
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