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    I was following everything pre on twitter and I saw a tweet saying that there is a tethering app now avaible(I already have my tether from our forums) so I checked it out and it sent me here

    And to get it with out command line you must donate.

    Is this the same person that made our my tether?

    I'm just wondering cause they look very similar.
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    Well if you have to do it, I wouldn't consider it a donation.
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    yes it is the same MyTether as here.
    MyFlashlight - The Original Palm Pre Flashlight Application
    fileCoaster - The Original On Pre Application Installer

    Donations are greatly appreciated and can be donated HERE!. Again thank you ALL for your continued support!

    Follow us on Twitter @vertigoapps
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    You need to make a donation if you're going to download the 2.0 version, but 1.5 doesn't need that. The only difference is needing the SDK to install 1.5, whereas the 2.0 has a graphic install process.
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    The free version is still available. The big difference is with a donation you get a few extra features like WEP encryption on Wifi. I personally see no problem with that, because it's not like the free one just disappeared.
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    The free version works flawlessly, I've been using it since it was released, if you're somewhere that you're worried about others jumping in the wifi then just share via USB or BT
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    I'd gladly's worth the time and effort invested...just my opinion..
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    i always donate to apps that deserve it. and so should anyone that cares about future development. who here can't afford to throw a few bucks to a worthy developer.
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    Version 1.5 is the free version, and requires your Pre to be rooted to install the USBNet service.

    Version 2.0 requires a "donation", but 1) does not requires rooting; 2) has added WEP encryption for WiFi; 3) and lets you dim the LCD w/o putting the phone to sleep to conserve battery.

    Personally, version 1.5 works great for me but he def deserves a donation.

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