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    just wanted to let everyone know. since the first day i have saw the pre online. which was about 3 months ago or whenever you got to see the pre @ the conference

    i have been drooling over this beautiful device. i went right to my sprint account and checked when i my upgrade was due.

    i got it yest. august 1. and it's everything that i have read. watched. and dreamed about.

    i didn't know where to post this. but i just wanted to share the joy (i feel like a ***** saying this) w/ everyone else who owns a Palm Pre!
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    Congrats, I waited months to upgrade my phone because I knew palm was coming out with something new.
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    you are going to love the pre....i am just learning how to root and am having a blast with it
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    yea man....just take your time reading the forums and whenever you feel like you got the gist of linux and rooting , root your pre. its well - wortth it. its really amazing how you can basically change anything you want on this phone, and palm nor sprint really cares!
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    I'm just not to sure why I have to make 10 post, in order to get a ringtone and other things. Guess those the brakes. Love my pre but kinda screwed it up by putting zagg invisable shield on it. Afraid to take it off and try it again (waste of 20$) .

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