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    I think the Treo will be a big hit for Handspring when it is available for sale. I haven't been this excited about a Handspring product since the release of the original Visor. I go a Prism and loads of accessories...But I am willing to liquidate to get one of the Treo (most likely color). The Treo seem like just what I was looking for when I bought by first Deluxe.
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    Well it better be hit. With all the marketing capital going into it, I should go far.

    Hey palm come out with something better than the treo with expansion SD slot?????
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    I doubt this. Palm appears to be in turmoil now. Besides I think Handspring already has the competiion sized up for at least the next few months.
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    I'm going with maybe. Outside of the US, it's going to cost a fortune. Inside the US, GSM is still in its infancy for all intents and purposes.
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    I sure hope it would be a hit, so HS becomes stronger and it can develop newer cooler units...

    However with the current economical climate an expensive 'luxury' item might not sell well..

    Lets keep our fingers crossed.
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    I saw a Sprint PCS phone with a Palm PDA in it, and have heard of others, guess it depends on how well those things are selling, the Treo idea is ok to me, but I like all the other stuff I can snap on my Prism that the Treo seems to have left behind
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    I'll go out on a limb and predict that sales will be huge, especially in the enterprise market.

    My reaction to the Treo when I first saw it was almost the same as when I first saw the Palm Pilot during the Newton years: same technology, but the improvements in egonomic and human factors make all the difference. The current crop of PDA/phone hybrids don't have the same Zen as the Treo.

    I don't use a PDA anymore, but since I still carry a cell phone, I'd love to have email, web and SMS capability in a single integrated package with an interface that's actually usable. And I won't say no to the PDA functionality, which is just a bonus.

    This is one of those devices that, once other people actually see it in operation, sells itself. Given that high school students are paying $300 for Motorola 2-way pagers, with $35/mo. service, the Treo should appeal to a much broader constituency than everyday PDA fans.
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    I give it a maybe. I'm very interested in buying one, although I'm a little concerned with the complete lack of expandability - a SD slot like the newer Palms would have been nice. I currently use a Visor Prism, a Blackberry and a cell phone, so something that combines all three would be nice.

    Here's the two things that will determine wither the Treo lives or dies:

    1. Coverage. I have some concerns about GSM coverage for voice calls. For data it's less of a concern - the Blackberry network is also spotty, and we all know that the Minstrel network kind of sucks in terms of reliability.

    2. Intergration with corporate email. I carry my Blackberry for it's tight intergration with my desktop email at work. It's essentially seamless to the outside world. To penetrate the enterprise market, they will need to carry this part of it off at least as well as RIM has done so.
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    Moving to 16MB is a good thing for a non-expandable Treo. Providing better integration with the desktop systems will make managing files in an un-expandable space tolerable.
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    Originally posted by ****-richardson
    Outside of the US, it's going to cost a fortune.
    That's by no means certain. Sure, the VP is expensive over here, but that's largely because it's not offered in the portfolio of any of the major carriers, who tend to subsidise phones quite a lot.

    It looks like Handspring are trying much harder to get GSM carriers outside the US to take the Treo as a product, and that will help tremendously with pricing, particularly if independent dealers aggressively market it.

    For example, the price of an off-line Nokia 8210 is about 210 quid, and a 6210 comes in at around 180. Buy either of these from Orange (the UK's largest GSM network) and they'll charge you 80 quid.

    Go to an independent dealer and you can get them free of charge, with a load of accessories thrown in, because they're effectively passing on part of their commission to you.

    Something more comparable to the Treo, like the Nokia 9210 communicator comes in at around 580 offline, or 350 with a network connection - a whopping 230 quid ($320) subsidy.

    Of course, if a product doesn't get into the network's catalogue, then you're not going to get that subsidy...

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    I am drooling over them! This sort of device strikes me as being "The Future" of PDAs. But I probably will stick to my VDx (and hopefully soon a cable to tie it to my cell phone) until the prices come down a bit and they make a CDMA model.
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    I think it will do well. But I'm not going to buy one anytime soon.

    First, it was only 3 months ago that I bought a Visor Phone and only about a year ago that I bought a Prism. So I should just throw them all away and start over when they work just fine? Nyet.

    Second, I am a little reluctant to lose the springboard module. Where do I put my Eyemodule? How do I backup? How much do you want to bet that Treo v.2 will have a springboard slot?

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    2004? Heh heh.

    My answer to the thread question is yes. So long as it doesn't succumb to the technical (audio) ennuis of the flip phone engineering like Samsung 3500.
    I'd thought flip phones were on the outs. Just like flip headlights.
    I guess it's all part of the fun.

    At this time, the keyboard option sets it apart from the competition. I guess the functionality and feel all depends on the size of our fingers and our dexterity. The 180 exchange policy should be interesting.

    I was just thinking about the applications dependent on the graffiti area. Screenshot Hack for example. I wonder how big the list really is, and if it includes widely used apps that may have to change a bit (version wise) As I've said before, it's up to the (revenue seeking) software developers to build for the devices that people are buying. End transmission.
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