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    I've got a better idea. Give it to someone who really wants to be productive!

    My Treo does more things, more efficiently, the way I want to do them, than does the Pre. By far.

    The Pre is a great handheld if you want to play around with the very latest, coolest, "rooting-est" device out there. It's perfect if your phone is your hobby, you spend half your life on Facebook, and you don't really need a productivity tool.

    I need to get work done, and the built in PIM apps are far better on the Treo, and the aftermarket apps not only outnumber (by about 100,000 or so) apps for the Pre, they do more, too. And they can, for the most part, be customized in ways Pre users can only wish for.

    I'll consider recycling my Treo again this time next year. Maybe the Pre will be out of Beta by then. But until then, it does what I need it to do.
    Bob Meyer
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    those are some great ideas!

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