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    So I will be picking up my pre this evening (upgrading from an instink) I am just wondering what I would be missing if I don't root the phone or if this isn't even really necessary anymore with the release of new apps and such.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i want this phone to operate at it's full potential.

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    Well your last line said it all. If you want to use it to its full potential, enable linux access. People need to stop making it out to be some great feat... it's really not that hard to copy/paste code from a walkthrough that literally takes baby steps through the whole process.
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    Yeah I'm not really worried about the process. I've worked in IT for the last 10 years so I'm not too technically challenged. I just noticed that in the rooting your pre thread that it said to check the homebrew section before considering rooting. So I didn't know if that meant that things have come a little further since launch and you could fullfill your needs with an app vs. rooting. Just trying to make sure I'm not doing things that aren't necessary to get the phone were it should be.
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    I think someone else said it best, rooting doesnt mean much outside of taking over administrative rights of the software. What you do ONCE you root your Pre is the big issue! Some things have you modifying files and such.

    I want to root day maybe after I overcome my reluctance...and install that tethering hack.
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    I enabled Linux access just under 48 hours ago (purchased Pre on launch weekend). One major advantage is not having to connect via USB. I use a SFTP client to move files wirelessly using the Touchstone from my laptop to the Pre. I then use a SSH client to copy the files once again wirelessly to the directories available for USB (ringtones, DCIM, etc). I use my wifi connection at home for updates. I have looked at, but haven't implemented, dynamic dns over EVDO.

    Updates applied so far:
    ** Installed webos-internals framework. This is the jump off point for all the other updates ( I used the advanced user option, rather than use the drag-n-drop method.

    ** Changed dialer app background
    ** Installed MyNotifications (homebrew) and the messaging-sounds patch to get a separate text message alert sound.
    ** Added time/date stamps to text messages
    ** Enabled text msg forwarding
    ** Enabled full-time landscape mode for emails.
    ** Added launcher pages
    ** Added call duration to call log.

    Most of the "hacks" came from rather than the patch repository at webos-internals.

    Good Luck!
    I'm loving my phone right now!

    ++ now if someone could implement a good case....
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    I just rooted mine a couple days ago and so far have only enable multiple pages in the launcher. For that alone it was worth it, but there are a couple more that I do want to do.

    For yourself, I'd say go to and look at the available hacks installable via rooting and see if it's worth it.

    Yes, Homebrew are maturing, but the real benefit is getting your phone to work the way you want it to. Palm included so few customization and preference options that the Pre was begging to be modded. And so it has. Will yours? Dunno.
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    I was a little nervous before rooting myself, but between the forums and google, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.
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    From how you describe yourself, you should be quite at home with the Pre's linux core. While homebrew apps are awesome, and I have many, some things just don't lend themselves to being 'homebrewed.' Most modifications at the linux level entail various amounts of modifications to existing scripts, replacing images, altering a db entry or two. No need for an app there. Dive in. The guys at webos-internals have made so essy a caveman could do it.
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    Thanks for all the great responses. I rooted last night, what a nightmare at first but that was due to my setup. I started out using my main machine which dual boots Vista Ultimate 64 and Mint 7 64. Well vista did not want to install the novacom drivers no matter what i did and mint and the sdk didn't want to play either. So i dug out an old server i had and installed Ubuntu 9 and viola success in about 15 minutes. Now that it's rooted I just need to figure out how deploy these changes but I think serqet's post will be quite helpful for that.

    For anyone interested in rooting i highly recommend doing it through linux if you can. It was far and away less hassle than winblows.
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    i am trying to learn how to make it all work too and am hopefully getting close!
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    I dont think its so much a linux vs windows issue, I think its a Vista vs XP one.

    I refuse to do Vista, holding out for maybe W7 being acceptable, I have XP Pro and was rooted in less than 5 minutes..

    I am fairly technical, but it was not at all necesarry to actually GET to the root prompt...
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