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    I checked out colorware a few days ago hoping that they would add the pre to their list of phones they customize, but no. So i shoot them an email asking if they would ever consider adding the pre, and if i could pay extra for mine to be a one off customization. No and No. They said that there isnt a big enough market for the palm pre. Big enough Market? Hello...if you go to their music section you see the headphones called "beats by dre." Oh did i mention that the headphones are $500? Hello colorware, there is no market for $500 headphones. Thats why walmart sells 1,000,000 $25 headphones and you will sell about 20.
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    If they're charging $500 for the beats, they are raping their clients.. BB has 'em for like $300.. probably even cheaper elsewhere online.
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    I'm sure they will add the Pre once it's available on more carriers. At that point, presumably, there will be more in the market. The "beats by dre" are about $300 new and I imagine a lot have been sold. The market for high-end headphones is pretty big. What colorware does is expensive. Who would have a $150+ color job done on a $25 Walmart headphone?
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    Colorware is a horrific ripoff no matter how you cut it, I mean have you seen what they're charging for ANYTHING else? They prey on the Apple crowd who are willing to pay an extra 500 bucks to have a black MacBook, when honestly their service isn't worth 80 bucks.

    Take an iPhone for example, you can have yours dolled ip in hideous circus clown colors for the privledged price of over 200 bucks, so you pay 200 for the phone, 200 to send it in to color it. Don't own the phone? They'll sell you a new one in those colors for over $1,200.

    Seriously, why are you even considering Colorwave? Do you hate money?

    As for Beats by Dre, they're expensive headphones to begin with, and they're also stylish to begin with, so why you would want to ruin it by having a run do a once over with a hobby spray gun is beyond me.

    If you're itching for a color change wait for someone like DecalGirl to come out with a template, then you'll get hundreds of colors and designs for, at most, six bucks.
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    but i would for sure pay like $150 to get my pre white or grey. i would pay it for bragging rights with all the other pre owners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joepicco47 View Post
    but i would for sure pay like $150 to get my pre white or grey. i would pay it for bragging rights with all the other pre owners.
    ship me your pre i ship it back whatever color you want for only one hundred (PM me i am serious)
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    Warblad is on to something there are people capable and willing to do this cheaper than colorwave. Wish I had a airbrush I might offer to do it.

    Not the kind of thing I want for myself but every man has his poison. That colorwave does seem like a huge rippoff though
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    Wow if people got this kind of money to throw away to pay as much or more than the device to change it's color or some other cosmetic thing just send your money to me and many other people who are victims of the current economy and in need of more money but due to layoffs etc don't have it.

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