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    I'm going to get a pre on monday. The rest of my family is getting other brands of phones and radio shack has the cheapest prices on them compared to best buy or sprint.

    I know some times there could be problems with the pre and I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with radio shack.

    And Radio Shack said they could waive the activation fees. Best buy said they could probably get 1/2 off on them.

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    Figure out the return policy and compare them. Sprint allows a phone exchange within the first 30 days at a price of (I believe) $36. I'm personally glad I went with Sprint for this reason - I got a Tour, it wasn't for me, so I got the Pre instead.
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    I used Radioshack. they have the same return policy as Sprint. RadioShack or best buy would be your best bet. You cane get the Pre there for $199 without worrying about the rebate.
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    I also went to Radio Shack. Only reason I went was because at Best Buy I had to start my account by paying with a debit card, but I already had taken the cash out of my bank and didn't want to make the drive. I ended up getting a BB Tour, but took it back after a week or so. I got the Pre as an exchange. They didn't take the activation off initially, but were supposed to. Sprint took care of that for me...Radio Shack is just as good and the return policies are the same. You just have to return it to a Radio Shack store if any problems arise....
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    I worked at radioshack. Get it there. Don't buy their replacement plan though. Its a waste of money. Its better to buy the sprint replacement plan. Depending on where you go also sometimes they will give a discount on accessories. And you don't have to worry about the rebate. And there is 30 day refund and a 90 days exchange policy. So if something goes wrong you can bring in your Pre and they will give you a new one.

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