View Poll Results: Do you text while driving?

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  • Yes, what's all the fuss about?

    15 9.74%
  • Yes, but I know it's dangerous

    73 47.40%
  • I used to, but won't do it any more

    24 15.58%
  • No, are you nuts?

    42 27.27%
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    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I limit myself to stoplights. I never really got into the habit of doing it a lot, even though I have texted while driving (while the vehicle was moving).
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    Well I work in the field so I do a lot I'm not suppose to do when I'm driving from account to account. Sad thing is my kid just got her learners permit so I have been trying to set an example when driving the Jeeps.
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    I found myself lying on the poll - but who am I fooling! Yes, I text now and then if the driving conditions are right and I need to say a few syllables.
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    Since I got the pre, and my keys got a bit smaller... I've tried to limit it to lights/signs... I'm just not as accurate, and it takes too much focus
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I rarely text while driving and only at stoplights when I do.
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    yeah but just quick text. Nothing that takes up 2 messages or anything.
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    i try not to
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    Ugh, sad to say I do it constantly... And I'm the worst possible type to do it since I am a "professional driver" I drive a wrecker for a living, I drive 12 hours a night. And text or :::cough::: contribute to my favorate smartphone forum while I drive... I gotta say typimg on the Pre is WWWWAAAAYYYYY harder than it was on my Treo. I know I'm an awful person...
    ... She fakes the orgasm, I fake the relationship
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    I did when I had my Treo but this pre keypad requires a lot more attention. I will text quick replies at the stop lights though.
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    You have the right to remain silent. This poll can and will be used against you in a court of law.
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    i try to at the stop lights or stop signs if there is no traffic
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    i love when us motorcycle guys get rearended and killed by a texter
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    i love when us motorcycle guys get rearended and killed by a texter
    Right and it has nothing to do with the Weaving and lane splitting that 90% of motorcyclist do. I had my Motorcycle DL way before my Car as that's all I could afford.

    I have been ran off the road, Left turned on and none of those were texting at the time they were just idiots.

    Sorry this is a sore subject with me and Texting is just an excuse people use for Poor driving . Anything that distracts does just that distracts. This goes from Texting to eating to talking to your passengers. Don't even get me started on the Paper readers and makeup installers.
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    I do but just quick stuff
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    Did those of you who say it's no big deal, or who think it's no worse than eating, actually read the article? Texting while driving is as bad as drunk driving, people. Let's get over ourselves, and concentrate on driving while we're driving. Please! Before I become another motorcycle statistic.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Not going to lie I do, but i have a few rules, i dont do it in when theres to many vehicles around . Only when im on an open road with not alot of feeding streets. I always drive very well with my knee (Can Drive all to way to work without using my hands.) So when i am texting its in sight view with the street. But i have cut back alot.
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    I have to admit I text and drive, but with care...
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    Yeah i need to stop texting while driving, at least on highways at least.

    The worst thing is web browsing while driving,

    when i had my iPhone 2G, like exactly when it came out, the full internet was so tempting, id be on the DC beltway, or Interstate 95 reading CNN and stuff going 85mph LOL.
    This hasn't changed, I was on ATL's interstate 85 and checking my fav sites.

    in fact when i got my pre i was like "oh this phone's keyboard will prevent me from texting and driving"

    nope, i mastered the one handed use of the keyboard quite quickly I'm afraid
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    uh, wait...the guy in-front of me keeps slamming on the breaks...
    Why can't the mobile device manufactures get that most want a touch screen and a front face QWERTY?
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