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  • Yes, what's all the fuss about?

    15 9.74%
  • Yes, but I know it's dangerous

    73 47.40%
  • I used to, but won't do it any more

    24 15.58%
  • No, are you nuts?

    42 27.27%
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    I do seem to text a lot when driving to/from work, but I have an 80 mile commute (one-way) that I drive every single week day, which is mostly open freeway, with usually very little cars during the hours I drive. But I'm also an excellent typist, and don't need to look at the screen much to type one-handed. I hate to try to web browse, or something that requires you to keep your eyes off the road, so I avoid that.

    I also keep my headset in the car, and if I'm going to be on the phone more than a few seconds, I make whoever it is that called me wait until I am able to plug it in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkims View Post
    In WA this is secondary offense, same for talking on your phone while driving. Unfortunately when you are texting while driving, look over and see a cop using his LAPTOP while driving, you just stop caring. I find myself able to type at a considerable speed with one hand using the Pre, so I rarely even have to look at what I am typing though.
    Primary offense in MN. And as to an officer typing into his MDT, he's typically typing in a license plate - little easier typing a license plate on a keyboard than texting on a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I limit myself to stoplights. I never really got into the habit of doing it a lot, even though I have texted while driving (while the vehicle was moving).
    Same here, but only if I have to. I got caught talking on my phone without my bluetooth earlier this year and got a ticket. I was across the street from my office and had just picked up the call when a bike cop pulled me over. Ended up being a $150 phone call. So now, I don't answer my phone unless I have my bluetooth on me in my car and even then, I debate whether or not to pick it up. So basically, I'm really careful doing anything phone related in my car unless I really have to.
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    I text at stoplights, but not while the car is moving. Although I will read messages while driving.
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    now that i have a keyboard, i can type better and keep my eyes on the road, compared to when i had a touch screen qwerty keyboard on the HTC Diamond.
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    Shame on all of you that said yes. People die all the time in horrific texting related accidents.
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    Stop lights and the first 20 feet after... thats about the extent of it.
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    Here's a video PSA released over in Europe to warn people of the dangers of texting while driving. It was not aired in the U.S. (probably due to the graphic nature of the video).

    ( - Texting While Driving PSA - Scare Tactics more Effective?)

    **the video contains a realistic car crash scene**
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    I text but I wait until I am at a stop light, not sure if that counts as texting when you are driving?
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    I text while driving all the time.. I should stop.. But I do it anyway. =\
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    I try not to do it.. But I do it on red lights..
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    When not busy with traffic I have
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    I don't anymore. Although with the Palm keyboard, texting with one hand is tempting
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    I'm trying to cut back on sending text messages. It's like a drug once you start it's hard to stop.
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