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    I was led to IslamOnline after clicking on a reddit about "scientific theory for wearing a veil" (No comment. Oh wait - yes, one: why don't men wear them in that case? Don't respond to this or it'll be quickly off-topic. I will not respond anyway.) and noticed a link on the bottom of the page.

    Interesting, I thought, IslamOnline is following the tech industry (I hadn't noticed the first article was 8 and a half years old too.). It sounded like an opEd piece so I clicked on it and was whisked back in time.

    The article turned out to be a reprint of an AFP article from December 2000 which I read anyway. I think Treo and Pre fans alike will get a kick out of it: Palm looks back over its shoulder at Microsoft
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    wow that did take me back in time. very interesting tho. It was about 2004-05 when i swithed from my lifedrive to a dell pda loaded with windows mobile. I was a numbing transition to say the least. aside from a breif stint with a moto q prior to my treo 750, i never really had a great deal of time with windows devices. Palm is a special type of biz in that they seem to address what people want and like and they stay on the leading edge of innovation.

    its good to be a geek.

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