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    Sorry if this has already been discussed or posted in the wrong section. I am wondering if there was a way to get my Pre to play AVI movie files or if it only plays MPEG4 files? Also if it only plays MPEG4 files then what is a good program to convert AVI file to MPEG4 files on my computer so i can put them on my Pre. Thanks for any help possible.
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    Prism Video Converter is a good application to convert your videos into a multitude of formats. I have found that the Pre seems to playback 3gp videos the best. Prism easily handles that format and many others. Video Converter Software - Convert AVI MOV WMV FLV Video Files
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    thank you for your quick reply
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    I used the new realplayer sp to move my avi's over to my auto converts
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    For those looking for a free solution, you can try WinFF (Windows/Linux)
    WinFF - Free Video Converter

    or ffmpegX for Mac

    Both are based on the open source ffmpeg
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    Hey I really appreciate it, I am new to this site and new to the phone but I really like this site so bare with me if I post more questions. Again thanks alot.
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    SUPER is also a kludgey but very capable converter. It is also freeware.
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    Here is the best program to use to convert avi files to mp4 for the pre.
    Videora Palm Pre Converter Download

    Its free, works flawlessly and has settings for image and sound quality.

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