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    I am on vacation with all my gadgets but I keep coming back to my Palm TX because it does the music and video with a larger screen, has wifi and all my games, books and Bible Study programs. My iPod can't do all that...nor can my Pre (hopefully...this is a "yet").

    What killed the handheld...the idea of convergence? (which I do not like because I don't want to be interrupted by the phone, messages, etc. anytime I want to read, listen to music, watch a video or play a game. I do those things to relax...I don't want to be reminded of the rest of the world still going on around me!) The operating systems? They still showed up in phones. Manufacturers deciding that people WOULD combine their phones with PDAs whether they liked it or not?

    I LOVED my Sony Clie (still works but needs a small repair which I'm sure will cost a fortune). I LOVE my Palm TX with it's large screen...use it daily at work to check Epocrates, quick article look ups, etc.

    Anyway...everytime I try to hang out with one piece of technology...the TX seems to be the winner. Though, of course, I generally just haul all of them around with me.

    Anyone else miss standalone Palm OS PDAs? All the apps? All the games? The integration with MS Office apps?

    What a line of products...

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    It wasn't the manufacturers who decided that consumers no longer wanted a separate PDA, it was the consumers. While there still was a small but dedicated group interested in them, sales dropped off a ton.

    And no, I don't miss Garnet at all. If you don't want to be interrupted though, might I suggest airplane mode?
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    I don't miss Garnet, because I'm still using it. The Pre (and the iPhone, for that matter) has a long way to go to match the functionality and capability of the Garnet and all the apps that are available for it. A few things the Pre does better than Garnet, but there are literally dozens of things I do with my Treo that the Pre doesn't (yet) do at all. I'd love to replace my Treo with something more capable, but the Pre isn't there yet.

    But to answer the original question, no, I don't really miss the standalone PDA. I don't want to carry multiple devices, I much prefer the Treo keyboard to graffiti, and being able to access email and the web anywhere, instead of just where there is a wi-fi connection, is a major advantage.
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    I still have my Palm Vx, good working order, and Clie SJ33, battered but in good order. I can't bring myself to sell on my Treo 680. My wife has her Centro... and the Pre isn't available in the UK yet.

    As my main handset I'm using a Nokia E71, which is a decent device when all is said and done. Somewhat "classic" in how it works, but it works well enough. Oh and I use StyleTap, the PalmOS emulator, quite a bit...
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    No, I don't miss Palm OS at all. It is old, ugly now, and just does not work well in a smartphone device. If I get nostalgiac, then I can turn on the Zire 31 I still have, use my wife's Centro or just open up Classic on the Pre. I don't know what's wrong with your Pre, but I can watch videos, play the few games I have, read, browse the web, etc. I was, however, like you once. I moaned about the 'death' of the PDA, but have since embraced the smartphone. The consumer picked the smartphone over the PDA and its days are numbered.
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    Maybe it is ugly, but it's fast, easy to use and system resource efficient. Once I'm in an application I don't need the modern bits and pieces...

    ...but sure, I'd like them.
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    Yes and no.

    I don't like to carry about much. When I got my Blackberry, it changed my world simply because I had a single device that was my phone and my PDA. Plus, it could do things I couldn't do before, such as all the things that data access gives you (no, PowerVision on a RAZR didn't cut it).

    I never carried around my Clie on the weekend. I used it frequently, but often would forget it in my office. With my Blackberry or Pre, it's always with me. As long as I'm wearing pants, I have my device. Which means that I use it in ways I never could before.

    However, I also have an (old video) iPod and almost never use my Blackberry/Pre for music or video. I don't need to have video/audio with me all of the time. If I'm going to be somewhere that I expect to listen to music/watch a video, I'll carry the iPod. Battery life on the phone (especially the Pre) isn't good enough to cause me to carry only one device. Once it is, I'll ditch the iPod.

    In other words, I like convergence simply because I want to carry as little as possible. I don't carry a purse, won't wear things on my belt. One little thing that fits in my pocket is going to get more use than something I need to remember.

    OK, but I do miss the old Clie. But that was for the software and the bigger screen (than the Pre). Classic doesn't cut it, but if it did, the Pre would be great because I could still use the software I loved.
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    No gramps I don't
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    It is like moving into a new house. When you live somewhere you get accustomed to the little quirks of your casa. Then, off to the new house and you start to miss the little things that you took for granted. But, over time it wears on you. You make a move for a purpose and have to adjust. I have had the palm III, IIIe, clie t665, treo 650, treo 700 and now the pre. I miss the simplicity of the original palm III and only 2 mg of memory, but it did what it was suppose to do. Now with the pre.. I still use the same memo's from my palm III days, but with soooooooo much more. It just takes time for a change to get used to it.
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    Nope, don't miss it at all.
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    Got my old 650 in the drawer next to my bed and my 680 sitting on the charger on my nightstand. Until they come out with a version similar to DateBk6, I will still be using that old 680 as my alarm in the morning. This "one time notification" with the alarms is BS (rant for another post). I have a perfect schedule on that phone for alarms and never have to remember to flip the switch on the alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

    But these are the reasons I don't miss it yet. Using it still like meyerweb. Wish though that I could miss it though.
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    I will leave Palm/webOS only after kicking, screaming and wrecking anything on my way out.

    - (Sigh)... It died.

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