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    So, my phone had died on me before I could make it home a week ago. I decided to wire up a charger made of 2 sets of 4 AA NiMH batteries in to a USB receptacle.

    I grabbed a pair of 4 AA battery cases from Radio Shack (part number 270-409) which has a nice built-in power switch ($1.99 each). Hacked an old Microsoft PS2 to USB adapter for it's USB portion. Soldered them together and now have a 4.8VDC portable charger for all of my crap.

    The reason I post this is not to brag but to share the knowledge... 5.0 VDC is the spec for USB power. 4.8 VDC is coming from the battery pack (that is using only rechargables since they are rated at 1.2 VDC NOT 1.5 VDC of alkalines as this would bring it up to 6.0 VDC) and is sufficient and within tolerances for charging your equipment. Amp draw is not an issue with these devices (trust me, you can look that up) so it is an easy and convenient way to back up my power requirements - if I have a USB cable for it.

    So I jam this all in to a pocket in the backpack I bring with me daily on my bus-to-train trip to work every day so if I forget to charge mid-day or go have drinks after work, I am not screwed.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    They sell a Kit that fits in a Altoids Tin just like this. You have to so a bit of Soldering for it but I use to have one it was neat.

    I picked up a Motorola P790 and with my min-micro adapter it works great
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    I made one also, but my interface to the phone is a power plug that fits Treos/Centros. Cost was also $2 at Radio Shack.

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