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    I got one call it the Palm Murciélago Paint it a bright yellow color with some red pin strips along the edges ? I don't know but you know the next one will be faster still so seems to fit
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    Quote Originally Posted by diomark View Post
    "The Palm"

    (the one after should be "Palm Post"
    OMG I just got that lol MAN i am slow today...
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    are you serious? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    if they dont get they act together quick,my next pre will be called the touch pro 2
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    The next pre needs to have
    - a keyboard like the one on the Treo 755p.
    - a battery like the 2600mha standard
    - a memoey card slot that is easy to get to. I'd settle to have one at all but easy to get to would be best
    - a charge/sync cord that comes out the bottom of the device - DUH.
    - software apps that have some thought behind them. How do you go backwards in features? I.e. The text app has the features of an alpha first rev. On this revolutionary phone shouldn't all the apps have integration?
    - an api that lets programmers access the notes & tasks so that we can get some sync'ing done w/o jumping through hoops.
    - possibly a rugged version. I work outside & the pre is like a little toy. I love it but I feel like I have to constantly baby it.
    - bluetooth that works. I mean seriously how long has bluetooth been out & how long have cell phones been out. Can we get this stuff to work already. If its that crappy of a technology lets move to zigbee or something.
    - maybe a bit larger screen. The pre II could be a bit bigger & still be a sweet device

    Please don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY PALM. I HATE WINDOWS CE or whatever they call it today. I just think a little more thought needs to go into a device that is suppose to be the next great thing.
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    Palm Premature sounds better.

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    Palm Duo? Palm Dos?
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    Next Palm also needs
    -faster processor so that apps can load faster and so that it can play hi def without stuttering
    -nvidia tegra to be able to pull off 1080p video
    -ability to capture video and actually be able to edit video like the iphone(720p recording like the omnia HD wouldn't hurt
    -more ram so you don't get the alert to close down some cards before you can open another one
    -bigger screen with better resolution, oled also to reduce battery consumption
    -higher mp camera with zoom, crop, and all other features that should have been standard
    - double the battery capacity and make the applications work more efficiently( sprint navigation kills battery)
    -and different colors would be a cool ad-on
    - will keep adding on as I come up with stuff
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    keep in mind faster processor usually means shorter battery life. At the current time it's stiff a tradeoff situation.

    They could get something faster and then figure out how to fiddle with clock speeds, maybe that's the best combo?
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    lol thats a good 1
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    palm pre II
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    or palm pre new lol
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    Palm Now (assuming it's exclusively for Sprint on their "Now Network")

    Palm Job (no need to explain... maybe I should have omitted this one)
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    Dude... I need a Palm Job!! Then I'll be able to Twitter my Yahoo until I Google all over your Facebook.
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