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    I just bought my pre and was wondering if there's any message notifications for my phone while in "sleep" mode. My old phone had a blinking light when a text or call came in while I was away from my phone? It seems the only way I'll find out if there's a message is if I activate my phone to look.

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    For now, that's all you can do (turn the phone to check). There are some options if you're into modding your phone - for example i have a "pager" script that checks for new text messages and plays a sound/flashs the center light every few minutes. I'm sure this will be addressed in future palm updates but you don't have any options for now
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    That is one gripe I have. Palm better utilize their center button for notifications.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    The fact that there is even an LED on the device means it's possible, just a software implementation is needed. I'm hoping this is something Palm will add in their next firmware update.
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    Before the arrival of my Pre on Friday I had only ever used my phone for making calls. I have the same question.

    So when you phone is asleep you won't receive any audible or visual notification that you have a text message or an e-mail? Seeing as smartphones are often used for business purposes how do people who need to know they have an e-mail work around this?

    Are you simply doing as the person posted above and hitting the power button every 15 minutes to check? Did you increase the time before the phone goes to sleep? Or is there another solution like an app I'm overlooking?

    Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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