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    Ok folks....I'm protecting myself from all the fussing about making a new thread on this, but.....

    Dealing with the funky email formatting issue, when forwarding/replying to a message that has gone through an Exchange Server and loosing formatting.

    I use Thunderbird to capture my email while at work. I forwarded a message to myself from my Pre and it had converted all the previous messages into one big blob of text. Not pretty.

    But, in Thunderbird, I clicked on View>Message Body>As Plain Text and wow, it all formatted correctly.

    I know this isn't a fix or anything, but maybe someone out there will know what to do with the info. I surely do not. Hopefully the WebOS 1.1 update will correct all this.
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    What's Thunderbird, and how does it work? Does it reply back through the Exchange server?
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    Thunderbird doesn't go through an Exchange Server. Since my work place blocks access to my home email account, I use Thunderbird to suck in that email so I can read it here. It's just a program to pull in Email from different email systems. I have my and my gmail going through here.

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