The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (an excellent daily news show on PBS) had a report on Cloud Computing this evening (Thursday). After explaining the concept, the report had two segments, one on cloud computing for businesses, and the other focusing on a woman who uses cloud computing to manage her home and family life in a big way. The woman was a Google employee, but they didn't hype google stuff too much. No sign of a Pre in the report, but the family lady was using a PDA/smart phone that I assume was an Android G1. They finished up with segments of an interview with Google CEO Schmidt. This is at the very edge of relevance for the forum, but I think it may be of interest to some here.

Typically News Hour puts their reports on the internet the day after they are aired, and you should be able to view the report I saw if you check the PBS website tomorrow. Here's a link:
Online NewsHour | PBS

They also have an extended version of the Google CEO interview up now and available for viewing here:
Online NewsHour | PBS

(this doesn't include the broadcast report, just the interview)

Maybe we'll get someone who manages their life with a Pre in there next time!