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    Now that everything is on the cloud, a webOS foleo device would be a perfect compliment. Something that hooks into the Data Pipe on the PRE and gives you instant on, full size keyboard, full scale version of existing apps, faster CPU and Flash for gods sake where is the Flash support for these mobile devices?

    Anyways, any one agree on the Idea of a WebOS Foleo?
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    It is a good idea.
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    The original was Linux based as well, and Palm is in no better condition now than when they were during the introduction of the original.

    webOS works with a touchscreen. If they had the resources to make a touchscreen device in a small form factor, with its own internal 3G modem, it might make a hit, especially in today's netbook crazy world.

    But I don't think it would be financially wise for Palm to risk that again right now.
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    How about a touch screen say 12 inch (tv standards, corner to corner) with that new bluetooth specs.

    Maybe a 10 inch version with a huge slide out keyboard. Like a clipboard size thingy. Not so much for the phone (pre) but a webos device on its own. Just a small webbook of course with Sprints great service. Of course it synergizes (is that a new word?) to our Pre's
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    I think the Foleo WebOS will replace our desktops essentially... nothing major, just "syncing" PIMS with the Pre, and yes maybe Flash that would be nice.
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    I very much look forward to one!
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