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    Hello Everyone, So yeah I'm new to this forum, but I've been visiting the site way before I got ma pre (which of course I got back in Jun 6th), so my first post I thought I would talk about the Pre which is why I'm here.
    I had palm Centro before the pre and before that I was using a Treo.

    So Let me start off my saying that I love My phone "BUT" I feel as it was rush as I'm sure a lot of you might agree with me. The materials and the Quality of the phone leave a lot to be desire, yes it feels really good in the hand "but" if I hold it too tight feel as if the phone is going to fall apart and that is not good (at all).
    I'm on my 4th Pre (sadly) the first one the up volume key broke it got the point that I was not able to feel the button clicking or pressing so it didn't work, my second pre it had dead pixel in the middle of screen, my third pre the slider felt crazy it was going all over the place when I shook it but then I came to realize that all of them did the same thing lol either way I still got a new one and now my 4th I just notice that I have a whole bunch of dead pixels at the bottom of the screen OVERALL cheap, I mean I got no other words to express it.

    Anyway leaving that aside, Web OS is a dream, It does run slow sometimes but we go back to the materials and quality of the phone .
    I would still love to see some small changes made such as :
    being able to copy pictures from the web to your photo galleries (which I was able to do with other palm cells)
    able to copy and paste on the web ( isn't the web the whole phone of the phone and I use the phone the more I realize that the web options are very limited)
    Having a single application for AIM ( I hate having it mixed up with the messages and all, even though I do see why they would be together)
    I'd love to be able to use the landscape mode on everything, meaning when I open the launcher and flip the phone for the launcher to switch to landscape mode - and that's only an example.
    I would like to have options to arrange my applications such as fav. or in a list mode of my top used applications - OR - Be able to place Applications on the "desktop" or in the view card mode.
    I would like to have a different way to copy and paste also a different way to select the text.

    so there those are the only things I can come up off the top of my head.
    as I said before I love Web OS , as everybody else is saying It has Lots and Lots and Lots of potential. I can't wait for the applications, I'm not so crazy about the on-screen keyboard - the screen is too small it would not look right and I don't know how responsive the screen would be because I do have problems even when I'm using the calculator and the phone pads.

    So there, now is Your turn what is that love or hate and what would like to see or have on the Pre, I feel as I am Ready for Palm Pre2?
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    Hello, nice post, but there is a forum specific to the Pre. You can find lots of discussion about it there.

    I hope the 4th time is the charm for you!
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    Hello, everyone! I had to wait until July to upgrade my Sprint phone, and after much back and forth between the Blackberry Curve and the Palm Pre, I wisely went with the Pre. What an amazing phone! There has been a slight learning curve, but that has been made easier by all the reviews and tips and tricks I have seen on this and other sites. The thing that I think is key to using the Pre is the back gesture. When in doubt, use the back gesture.

    It's really nice to be able to go to card view and see exactly what is running. My wife went with the Blackberry Curve, and if she forgets to press the Blackberry button and close each and every application (within the application), her phone begins to lag really really badly. Whereas if I experience any lag, I just have to go and flick away a card that I don't need open.

    One thing that I really wish was included or available in the App Catalog is a dedicated Facebook app. The mobile version available on the browser is so half-assed. The Blackberry version makes the Pre's facebook look like a demo version. So that could definitely be improved.

    Also, I used my phone all day yesterday, sending well over a hundred SMS/MMS messages, several emails, a few phone calls, took about 50 pictures and just generally showed my phone off, and plugged it in to charge at around 11 PM with 20% remaining. So everyone that has complained about short battery life should check their settings! I have brightness turned all the way down, and it's still plenty bright. I turn Wi-Fi on when I'm home or somewhere with good Wi-Fi access, and turn it off when I'm out. I don't have bluetooth on, but I do have GPS enabled. I also have the screen set to turn off after 30 seconds.

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