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    Ok, is it back to the future? When the VisorPhone came to the marketplace, I already had a service plan (SIM card) with Bell South (Cingular). I had to pay almost $500 for the VisorPhone without a service plan in order to use my SIM card in the VisorPhone. Is this what I face with the Treo?
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    Worse; this time it's $549 without a service plan to go along with it. And that's just for the monochrome version. The color Treo is going to go for $599 w/plan, so who knows what ungodly $ amount they'll want for that one without a plan.
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    A visorphone trade up plan was mentioned, if you "bought" the visorphone from handspring. But not details yet. I am sure they what their visorphone users to upgrade.
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    Another optoin could be to start up a 2nd line and then check to see if if you can drop down your plan on your 1st line to the basic plan till the end of the contract. I know that some Mobile phone companies usally will let you move around to diffrent price plans. That might be an option. Of course by the time that the Treo is around your contract may be close to the end.
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