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    Hey TookKit!

    We are not in a war here (I Hope). I was just poking fun at hog.

    Originally posted by ToolkiT
    ok guys keep it civilized!
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Hey TookKit!

    We are not in a war here (I Hope). I was just poking fun at hog.

    That's Ok, just letting you know I am keeping my eyes open...

    No personal attacks etc. things can get out of hand easy...

    But if you are just fooling around, go ahead, just know your limit's that's all...
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    The Palm OS is too efficient to play MP3 without needing additional hardware. The Palm OS runs great on 33 MHz processor, but that processor does not have the horsepower to decode MP3 in realtime. So it would be a big change and a lot more hardware to add MP3 to the Treo.

    WinCE is so inefficient it needs massive amounts of horsepower to even run, so adding MP3 support is just a matter of software.

    Anyway, when Palm OS moves to the strongarm you can bet your bottom dollar that every device will include MP3 support, because then it will be practically free.

    Having said all that, and I'm not trying to offend anyone, MP3 players are a niche product. Its nice to have if it is practically free, but otherwise I don't want an MP3 player in everything electric. Hardly anyone cares about MP3 once you get away from the geeks. I think it was a joke that two companies chose the produce MP3 players as their first products. They could have made much more of an impact had they produced Modules with a wider appeal. And they obviously now know that as both of them have stopped their MP3 development.
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