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    Has anyone heard if a person will be able to buy a Treo and put their SIM card in it, thereby using the rest of their current service contract on the new device?
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    Do you mean a SIM card, which all GSM phones use? If so, I'd assume that you definitely can put the SIM card you use in your current phone into a Treo and use it under the exact same service plan you're using now.

    I'm guessing the only thing you'll need is to have the phone data-enabled to access the web with it.

    Is this what you mean by VP chip and service plans? You lost me on that one.
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    Originally posted by BNelson
    Do you mean a SIM card, which all GSM phones use? Is this what you mean by VP chip and service plans?
    Yes, that's what I mean. (I edited my message to use the correct terminology.)

    But what I really meant to ask is: "Has anyone heard if users will have to buy an activation with the Treo, or if not, will the price of the Treo without activation be more?"
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    I would guess that HandSpring would like to be able to sell to those already with VisorPhones. In fact, I speculate part of dumping VisorPhones at the end was not just to ditch inventory but to get folks to GSM contract so that they had a path for the Treo. I guess Monday we will find out.
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    From the Handspring site:

    Q.Is there a discount on the price when you purchase a service plan?
    A. The $399 price includes the paid subsidy from the carrier when you activate a service plan. The price of the Treo communicator alone, without a service plan is $549

    I got my VP in July. There is a penalty for early termination of the contract with my carrier. Guess I'll have to wait for the color Treo in mid 2002.

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    What I heard was that you can jsut put your VP chip in and it works.. but than you (I think) would have to pay $549 for the treo, instead of $399
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